Need information for a Sale or Refinance?


Management Solutions, NW uses to process all of our Escrow processing requests. Sellers, Agents and Title/Escrow Professionals will be able to create or log into an account and order Escrow Demands, Statements of Accounts, Resale Certificates, Lender Questionnaires, etc. Once logged in, search by community name or address to obtain a directory of available products. We process these requests at our earliest opportunity. If you have an immediate need, there is an option to select a Rush Order (fee for service applies).

Please have details ready before placing order; Seller/Buyer names and contact information, Community Association Name, Address, and Unit # if applicable,.

Summary of pricing for common products:

Transfer Fee                                                 $75   -  Pay at closing

Statement of Account (aka “Demand”)    $150 – Pay at closing

Refinance Demand                                      $150 – Pay at closing

Lender Questionnaire                                 $150 – Up front payment

Resale Certificate for Condos                    $275 – Up front payment

HOA Resale Package                                   $150  – Up front payment

    (Provides documents and information in accordance with NWMLS Form 22D #8)

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HOA's - Download info from the Website Portal

For single family homes in HOA's, all or most of the required sellers disclosure items can be downloaded from the website portal by the Owners. CC&R's, bylaws, budgets, financial reports, meeting minutes, reserve studies, etc. 

Homeowners will need their Unit Account ID from Management if they haven't yet registered for access. Once logged in, these documents can be downloaded in PDF format anytime.

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CONDO's - Resale Certificates are REQUIRED

State law requires that Sellers of Condo's in Condominium Associations provide a "Resale Certificate" to buyers signed by an authorized agent of the Association. They provide legal disclosures about the property and the Association (a non-profit corporation). 

We provide the Resale Certificates, accompanied by all governing documents, minutes, financial reports, reserve studies and disclosures through orders placed with 

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Review the language in the RCW regarding Resale in Condominiums here:

RCW - Resale Certificates